Legends Of Wall Street Trading Room


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The Affinity Legend of Wall Street Trading Room™ (OTR)
Live Online During Market Hours

$429 Monthly, $999 Quarterly or $3,495 Yearly

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Service Description

The Affinity Legends of Wall Street Trading Room (ALWS) is where we apply the theoretical knowledge that is taught in our courses and labs under live market conditions. Trading is a challenge but it is even more of a challenge if done in isolation. The Online Trading Room takes you out of that isolation and opens a forum where like minded elite, professional, intermediate and novice traders share trading concepts and ideas. Taking this notion one step further, we team our professional traders together into small groups and focus them on trading and informing the entire Legend of Wall Street Trading Room on what they are doing within the market segment that they cover. Although the Legend of Wall Street Trading Room is primarily focused on providing daily education and trading ideas so that proprietary traders can pull more profits out of the market, this service is also suitable for those trading their own private accounts.

Standard Room Schedule (Eastern Standard Time)

    • bullet 8:30 AM - EST

Trading room is opened, welcome.
Posting of Economic news, major earnings and any significant developments that occurred overnight in other markets.

  • bullet 8:45 AM: Market Commentary
  • bullet 9:05 AM: Analysis of Gap plays to market open
  • bullet 9:30 AM: Market open - Posting of plays throughout the morning
  • bullet 11:30 AM: Doldrums scanning plays
  • bullet 1:30 PM: Reversal or continuation plays into the close

OTR Rules and Conduct

  • bullet We will only point out trades ideas that we are able to potentially take ahead of time—however, we will discuss any aspect of any market at any time.
  • bullet Moderators may also discuss trades that they are in but have not pointed out to the room, provided the sole purpose is educational.
  • bullet Moderators are generally not available for private messaging during the first hour as this is where we can be of best service to the entire room community.
  • bullet Netiquette
  • bullet Moderators have priority for voice
  • bullet Courtesy at all times for all members
  • bullet Absolutely no profanity, lewd behavior, off-color jokes or humor
  • bullet No posting in ALL CAPS unless urgent (the ‘common sense’ rule applies here as to what urgency is)
  • bullet Also, please avoid multiple question marks (?????) or exclamations (!!!!!!) unless you are so totally confused that it is warranted (it’s preferable to just state, “I’m confused by that… I didn’t understand that part about….” – this is a better question and will get you a better answer.
  • bullet Audio will be used during the first hour to hour and a half of the market day, during fast markets, and during topical lecture series. At other times, moderators will generally type their commentary.
  • bullet Moderators may cut off and ban any subscriber or guest without notice for any behavior deemed by moderator to be inappropriate for the room.
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What Our Traders are Saying

I have found Affinity Trading a vital resource in my trading and on going trading education. The online classroom approach is very useful, allowing interactions with the moderators when something isn't clear or needs elaborating. The 5 day course was very helpful, demystifying a lot of things and providing some foundational skills that I have really been using everyday in my trading.

—Josh Perkins

I have been using the online trading room since November and am so pleased with the results that I want to tell you of the outstanding job by Rob Shapiro. Before joining the room I had spent over three years on training and advisory services, only to get losing results. Since joining the room I have had 2 losing months and 9 winning months and am well ahead for the year.

Not only are Rob's recommendations very good, but his constant real time teaching are bringing my skill to a level I could not have achieved by myself. I know I have a lot to learn and am confident I am finally in the right place to maximize my potential as a trader.

—Robert D.

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