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SPOW – Stock Play Of the Week

The SPOW is a cornerstone service. Between 1-3 trading ideas a week are called, based on favorite trend-trading setups, such as earnings plays, stock splits and institutional sector rotation. For a very reasonable price you can have access to these high percentage trades. The ideas are emailed out to the subscribers at the beginning of each week with a full detailed trading plan including entry, exit and management guidance. This service is perfect for the small portfolio or part-time trader.

OPW – Option Play Of the Week

This plan is tailored to the swing option trader looking for the high percentage play. Similar to Stock Play of the Week, the best and brightest option plays of the week (usually 1-3 ideas) are released, based on best trend-trading setups including earnings runners, event or news catalysts or just hot sectors. The plays are emailed out at the beginning of each week with specific trading plans and guidance to manage them. This service is a perfect fit for the small portfolio or part-time trader.

Stock and Option Play Of the Week

This service is a combined package of the Stock and Option Plays Of the Week plans where you will get access to all the best trend-trading setups, approximately 1-3 ideas a piece for every week. You will get the trade setups for both services emailed to you at the start of each trading week with a full trading plan on how to trade them.

Options Trader Service / Alert (email and text message to cell phone)

This plan is ideal for the trader who is looking to become more involved in options trading! The service offers 1-5 new options plays PER WEEK with profit potential of 100s% on each trade. Entry and exit strategies are given with every setup and updates are given periodically! The plays represent the best of the best setups in the arsenal. Unlike the Plays Of the Week, this is a live trading service where you will get alerts in emails when the trades actually setup. This plan is for the more active options trader.