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One Hour Trading - Trading and Fading Gaps

Synopsis:Learn how to trade and fade gaps every morning by knowing what to look for and how to manage your risk.

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How do you trade for one hour and make daily sized gains?

Gapping stocks present an extraordinary profit opportunity for the educated trader and are an effective strategy for short term day traders, as well as longer term swing and core traders. Because stocks gap up and down every day, these opportunities occur frequently in the market. Many traders misunderstand the language of gaps and therefore miss these daily profit opportunities. Or worse, fall victim to the volatile nature of gaps.

Join Michael Di Gioia, and the rest of the Affinity Trading Institute Team for this eye opening look into the professional world of Gap Trading. Learn effective techniques any trader can use to locate, evaluate and enter the best gap trading strategies. This workshop will also demystify many common misunderstandings about gaps and also provide clear insight into the psychology of the investors and speculators that create the best gaps opportunities.

About Online Learning

Affinity's Online Courses are provided using omNovia web conferencing technology. There is no special software to install; you simply attend by clicking a web link. All you will need is your computer, speakers and an internet connection. Unlike on location events, when you attend our courses online, you can do so from the comfort of your home or office which will save you the expense of travel and lodging.

Our online courses are delivered using high quality integrated streaming voice and video. In this virtual classroom setting you will be able to listen and see your instructor present the material as well as view what is on his screen through application sharing and whiteboard technology. You will also be able to interact by asking questions and viewing questions posted by other students.

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Being a part of the Affinity Trading Institute education has allowed me to enhance and expand my online trading activities from primarily swing and core trading.

Dave W. - Orange , NewYork

As a result of taking this online trading course, I have learned to minimize my risks because Affinity teaches you a system that takes out the emotion in day trading.

Salle Rose - Hueston, Texas

Since I’ve been a member of the Affinity Trading Institute, my online day trading results have improved.

Sebastine - Germany

Thank you for the tip last Monday, of SKR in London market, when you appeared on City TV.

Paresh - Mountainview, California

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