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What We Stand For

The Affinity Trading Institute™ offers a complete trading solution.

The Affinity Ten Commandments:

  • Affinity is committed to educating and empowering professional traders.
  • Affinity will demonstrate the highest level of integrity at all times.
  • Affinity guarantees to always apply the utmost moral and ethical standards.
  • Affinity insures it will deliver our best in trading education and individual trader coaching in the industry.
  • Affinity shall always continue to develop new formulas for success to stay ahead of the ever changing markets.
  • Affinity pledges to use the latest technology to give traders the required edge over our competitors.
  • Affinity is committed to giving our team sophisticated tools & strategies to be consistently profitable.
  • Affinity promises to always be professional and courteous in all internal and external affairs.
  • Affinity is here to create and support a network of professional traders worldwide.
  • Affinity will always maintain a philanthropic and charitable hand.

Let us provide you with the road map to consistent profitability with your personal Affinity Trading Coach.

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Why Choose Us?


Our goal is to teach you to become a Professional, which means that you are able to support yourself from managing assets. We offer programs that empower individuals to become self-directed traders and professional money managers. Furthermore …

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Profitable and Transparent

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Since the 90's the Affinity team has seen and navigated many market bubbles. The foundation of the company comes from New York's Wall Street financial district. Our goal is to teach you to become also a Professional.


The Affinity Trading team brings together the combined skills required to navigate ever changing markets. We have fundamental, technical, behavioral, and quantitative elements incorporated in to our team and in our overall market philosophy.

Trust Worthy

Affinity Trading has been founded on the principle that people come first, and that each individual student must discover their own path to consistent profitability. Affinity serves as the students' guide to that goal. We measure our performance in that role by these Ten Commandments.