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Who We Are

Michael J. Di Gioia – C.E.O / Founder

A native New Yorker who grew up amidst New York's Wall Street Financial Community, Michael studied at the University of Siena, the School of Economics in Prague and then graduated with a degree in economics from the State University of New York at Old Westbury. As a trader, risk manager, market maker and later trading desk manager, he experienced and profited from the technology bubble on its inflation and later deflation. As the director of a leading trading educational company, he was responsible for content development providing instruction where he personally trained hundreds of traders. In 2005 he founded his own trading educational company which evolved into the Affinity Trading Institute™. Michael currently holds the Series 7, Series 63, Series 55 and Series 24 Securities Licenses.

JD Wilde – Chief Operating Officer

A statistician with experience developing quantitative models for investment opportunities. He began as an options trader in 2005 developing probability models to trade credit spreads. He continued his trading experience working on GMAC-RFC Securities mortgage bond desk as a repurchase trader developing optimization tools to minimize interest expense given various constraints. As a Vice President at The Carlyle Group, JD led research initiatives in the US Real Estate Group and created proprietary econometric predictive models for various components of different real estate asset types to determine supply and demand imbalances and investment opportunities throughout The US. Mr. Wilde received a M.S. degree in Statistics from Purdue University, and a B.S. degree in Statistics and a B.S. degree in Mathematics from The Pennsylvania State University.

Jay J. Kelinson, M.D. – Trading Room Moderator

Over the past 36 years has had a successful career as a physician and gynecological surgeon. Initially, entered the financial markets in 1982 and in 1998 became actively involved as a trader, Jay J. Kelinson met Michael J. Di Gioia 2003 at a trading event in Boston and subsequently has been with the Affinity Trading Group from its inception in 2005. Since 2012, Dr. Kelinson has been a trading room moderator and trading coach for Affinity Trading and on occasion has been interviewed by Active Traders publication. He is particularly specialized and involved in the strategies of Market Neutral - Imbalance trading and Gap trading. He especially has a focus on mentoring individuals in the technical analysis and psychological hurdles of becoming a successful trader.

Kenny Glick – Trading Strategy Master

Kenny Glick sometimes known as the poster child of day trading or the Prophet of Profit has been trading since 1997. Featured on Nightline and 48 hours as a defender of the daytrader nation he now spends his time trading and teaching some of his core concepts for success. One being a low risk, high reward reversal strategy using VWAP ( volume weighted average price ). Through comedy and a not so serious take on finance he educates the new trader as well as the seasoned veteran. You can find him in over 1000 videos on YouTube and his website Hitthebid.com. He will sing and dance for you if you ask nicely. A very unique individual.

Summer Sarwar Shariff - Strategy Expert

Summer read Economics at the University of Wales Swansea in 2002 after which she pursued accounting through the ACCA. She started trading through Affinity Trading in 2010, having been looking for a stable route to working independently and has traded part time with them since. Having spent the last four years managing a dairy farm in Kenya she is now travelling through Europe to learn more about different cultures while concentrating on trading and working with the Affinity team.

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Our goal is to teach you to become a Professional, which means that you are able to support yourself from managing assets. We offer programs that empower individuals to become self-directed traders and professional money managers. Furthermore …

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Since the 90's the Affinity team has seen and navigated many market bubbles. The foundation of the company comes from New York's Wall Street financial district. Our goal is to teach you to become also a Professional.


The Affinity Trading team brings together the combined skills required to navigate ever changing markets. We have fundamental, technical, behavioral, and quantitative elements incorporated in to our team and in our overall market philosophy.

Trust Worthy

Affinity Trading has been founded on the principle that people come first, and that each individual student must discover their own path to consistent profitability. Affinity serves as the students' guide to that goal. We measure our performance in that role by these Ten Commandments.